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Daily Life and Hinduism

We are in the South East of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is an area with very old traditions both in agriculture and religion. In this part of India Hinduism has been protected against the many invasions that throughout history have come through the Khyber Pass. 

This story shows how labour is divided according to sex. It also gives a presentation of the close relationship between work and Hinduism. 

In this story the focus is on the women. What are their roles in the practice of Hinduism? This is a part of Hinduism that is often forgotten, but here we show you a less known side of religious life.

The focus is still on the women. But in this story we see how women play a role as oracles possessed by gods. People come to the women for advise, carrying offerings.
In this story we also meet professional dancers performing ritual dancing.

Some of the rituals take place outside of the family sphere. In this story we see a Brahmin Priest teaching his son Vedic recitation. We also see some temples from the region of Tamil Nadu, as well as some offerings to the God Aiyanar.

The four series of slides and text show how daily life in India is tempered by certain Hindu ideas. There are remnants of the caste system as the organizing principle of social and economic life in former days.

There are numerous gods in Hindu mythology, and there are accordingly numerous myths about them. The myths explain why things are as they are in the world, whether it is a creation myth or the origin myth of a particular deity.